Thursday, July 8, 2004


In something that's really not gonna help my case in proving that this ISN'T a Killers fansite: Bid on Brandon Flowers' worn out, used, dirty, mormon Vans on ebay.

Ryan Rayhil either doesn't like Jesus, Asians, or Alex Chow... you which.

Speaking of Asians, this is weird.

Thank you Jon Hurwitz for gracing me with the Bloc Party music video that you can watch here. I really, really, really want to see a video for "She's Hearing Voices.

And lastly, "Angst in My Pants" by Sparks is such a fucking great song. People, how are we allowing this gem to die? You can listen to a 30 second clip of it here but that's really not enough. Look for the song on itunes and make sure you don't buy the remix like I accidently did.


Anonymous said...

ultra i love that simpsons thing.


The Paranoid Optimist said...

hey, i just got back from seeing The Killers' show here in london.

they were pretty good. they played a new song which isn't on the album. the chorus went "kill me now" and it was really catchy. at least i think it was a new song.

and brandon was wearing two shoes. i guess he got a new pair.

and in a completely unrelated sidenote, i walked past gary lightbody - the lead singer of snow patrol - on the way to the gig. you should check snow patrol out too, if you haven't already.

The Paranoid Optimist said...

also, check out KASABIAN ( and HOPE OF THE STATES (

hope of the states will be playing their first ever US dates soon... July 22: Bowery Ballroom, NY... you should go.

Anonymous said...

You can also find "Angst In My Pants" on teh "Valley Girl" motion picture soundtrack, which is one of the greatest soundtracks of all time... run, don't walk!


holmes said...

well, alex is an asian vampire. the only way to kill him is a wooden stake through the heart. ryan was just trying to help mankind.

Unknown said...

Not to sound all music nerd, but Angst in My Pants begs to be listened to on vinyl. Plus, the album cover is fucking hilarious and "Eaten by the Monster of Love" is on there, too. You can prob find it used for like $3.

MTS said...

if you like sparks, definately pick up "kimono my house." since liking sparks is still considered geeky [i say give it a year and *everyone* will be talking about them], you'll find plenty of them in the dollar bins.

Baby Bruise said...

Sarah, can you please get with the PG and drop these Killers already!
The new Hives one is where it's going to be at. God, it's so good it gives me a nosebleed.

Anonymous said...

that "new" killers song isn't new. it's called coming out. badum, tish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link to the killer item on ebay (goofiest pun intended).
I'm a huge fan of The Killers in Japan. Not sure if I'll bet on it though.
You look gorgeous in the picture with Brandon!

JJ (

Anonymous said...

I can't be fucked to create a profile...

that song you're refering to is actually called 'Under the Gun' not Coming Out. The confusion occured through mislabelled mp3 files. During the chorus he is singing 'Kill me now' NOT 'Coming out'.

That Hives tune sounds like a cheap Iggy Pop rip-off with a second-rate Stones riff to boot. Terrible.

Something For the Weekend: Going out music ~ the Zutons
Late morning recovery ~ Nick Drake

great summer for music over here in the UK...saw the Cure at MoveFestival :) The deliriously divine Robert Smith is as beautiful as ever...and they played Just Like Heaven just as the sun was going down behind the seating podium, bathing the 7000 strong crowd in a warm heady glow...perfect day.