Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Snowden is playing tonight (8pm) at Rothko (Suffolk btw Rivington and Delancey on the LES) with THE TWENTY TWOS! (10 pm). Fantastic line-up! Thank you Vicious for your thoughtful booking!


holmes said...

and when they're done, head to lit at 11pm for morning theft and an open bar. good night tonight, eh?

Anonymous said...

I really need to move to the city!

-La Fay

Mikey said...

buddah, how i love the twenty twos. thank you hannah, jenny, jonny and terrah for a very fun night. only let down was not seeing Ms. Lewitin there this evening. :-(

Ultragrrrl said...

I went home (i live two blocks away) after snowden with the intention of returning after took care of a chore in my house. Sadly, it went on longer than expected! Tragic!!! I'm really happy to hear that the show was awesome. Argh, i'm so bummed about missing it!!