Monday, July 12, 2004


Apart from seeing Anchorman last night and listening to the new Interpol album on repeat 39 times, the most exciting thing to happen to me this weekend was going to Misshapes. I came with Niki and Brian dressed in all white from the 40oz extravaganza that was the White Party, and arrived on a drunkfest of dancers. I need to remind myself to give up wearing heels. I hate them, they hate me, and after about a half hour of standing around and maybe dancing a bit (i REALLY dont remember), I decided it was time to go home. Oh, but this was just after a boy, who was standing near the DJ booth, toppled over. Just like... timber style. The poor boy hit his head on his way down and under a counter just at Brian's feet. So a few people propped him up and Brian carried him out with a bouncer cause, Holy Cute Drunken Boy, Batman, it was clear that this boy needed to go home. Sadly, the boy was still outside about 15 minutes later leaning against a wall. He looked like a poor puppy. We went over to help him out and figure out how to get him home. I took his wallet out of his pants and handed it over to Brian who did some investigating and found out where he lived. His phone was dead so we couldn't call any of his friends. We tried to get him in a cab and Niki tried to convince me not to take him home. I love strays! After trying to get him to let us put him in a cab for about 10 minutes, Niki grabbed my hand and led me to a cab so we could go home.

Anyway, I posted a missed connection for the boy to make sure he made it home OK. Still no word. Hope he's alright!

By the way, Greg went to see The Five O'Clock Heroes at Mercury Lounge on Friday and said that they were fantastic. I am pretty much in love with their song "Run to Her." Sadly, their website is acting up, so you might have to check back.


MizzCrystal's AlterEgo said...

OMG, I hope he made it home safely too..if he contacts you let us know..;)

Anonymous said...

brock is always the drunk guy. he usually falls. but he always gets back up. he's fine.

Amber said...

I've been listening to the new interpol on repeat for the last week now. It's so awesome, but it took me a good 4 or 5 listens for it to really grow on me, but now I'm hooked.

When I pull out the CD at work people just kind of sigh and wonder how many more times I'm going to listen to it. If they were smart they'd remember how many times I've listened to TOTBL, I'm STILL playing that CD!