Thursday, July 24, 2003

Last night Jake came with me to the Alien Ant Farm show at BBKings. We sat at a table like it was dinner theater, ate fries, and I drank a coke. They were really awesome. I met them afterwards backstage but I hate doing shit like that because I feel like such a groupie.

I then went to Caryn's birthday party. Everyone was drunk. I went home.

Everyone was drunk at home.

Today I have to interview Cappadonna for "Making Out with Ultragrrrl" and I really dont know shit about the Wu Tang Clan. They're great, ok. But what the shit am i supposed to ask? I told his publicist that I'd only do the interview if Mr. C ate lunch with me. She said there would be a buffet, but that's not enough. I want him to be stuffing his face so that our half hour goes by and I've only been able to ask him 3 quesitons.

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