Thursday, July 31, 2003

OK! So sobriety is so much easier after the first week, which is why I didnt update this on tuesday or wednesday. Let's see, monday night I did nothing, but doing nothing was fun because it meant that I could sit at home and watch tv. Tuesday night I went to the Viscious party at Sin-e (after getting dinner with Maureen, Lizzy and Tracey at Steak Frites) with my brother Lawrence. I went to check out a band or two -- all saddle creekers -- but got bored and spent most of the time outside chit chatting. Audrey told me how the first five times i met her i never remembered who she was because i was so drunk ... which is terribly embarassing because i fucking love her. I gotta say, this sobriety thing is an eye opener of sorts. Even though I was thinking of jumping off the wagon tomorrow, I think i might hold out a bit longer because i feel a fuck load better and probably look healthier, not to mention I remember shit.

Last night i went to Lollapalooza. Totally great. That's all.

Today my wonderful dear friend Barry comes to NYC. He's scottish, i dont think he's ever met a sober person in his life.

Tomorrow is stellastarr*, elefant, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs... PLUS I'm DJing the ss* after party. I'm definitely gonna stay sober until I get to the party, this way i can actually accomplish something.

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