Monday, April 19, 2004


What a weekend. I had one of those really great weekends when nothing is totally planned out, yet everything seems to fall into place just right. Friday night, due to technical difficulties, i was unable to return to NJ for shabbat dinner with the family. Instead, as i was sleepily heading home, i was beckoned by Imran to join him for the Johnathan Rice show at HousingWorks. J.Rice's shows are just getting better and better by the day... I think i've seen him about 6 times already and I'm never bored. Jason Roth pointed out that JR was wearing a blue tuxedo jacket to prepare for our wedding.

After the show Imran and I headed out for some mexican dinner, got drunk off sangria, and walked to the west village for some drinks with Tracey, Lizzy, and Sia, where I went on to help Marc take care of 2 bottles of Moet. JR and his posse of folk singers (including grammy award winner Jesse Harris) came to meet us and we all ended up getting into a near fist fight with the group sitting behind us after JR and I kept on throwing remains of a bouquet of gladiolas that i gave Marc at them. They were being really loud and we were being really drunk. They threw some stems back at us, but unfortunately their aim was way off and it ended up hitting some random dude. Exhausted, we piled in a cab and headed off to some east village bar on st. marks called St. something or other. I am not sure how I got home, but judging from a voice mail i received on saturday, I was put into a cab by a 20 year old scottish boy.

The next morning I went to meet up with Jason and his roommate Mike on 34th to see the cinematic masterpiece, Saved. OK, now Uncle Grambo is yapping about how Michael Stipe's duet with Mandy Moore on "God Only Knows" is a really bad idea, but he will eat his words when he actually sees the dark comedy. For one thing, Mandy is absolutely amazing in it -- I find her to be terribly underrated as an actress -- and so i think this will be some what of a break out role for her. Secondly, the cover, which plays at the beginning of the movie, is actually fantastic and totally tongue in cheek. Might it be slight Born Again Christian propaganda? Yes. Do I care? Are you kidding? by the end i was like, Praise the Lord!... for such a great film. Thank you Jason for taking me! Watch the trailer.

Speaking of Jesus, anyone see "Divas 2004" last night? This is what Robbie Williams was doing when Jessica Simpson performed his "everywhere but the USA" hit, "Angels."

Sunday morning I woke up totally hung over from the night before when I DJed at Opaline for the party where everyone walked around in their undies. I was up by 8:30 am, but didnt manage to get out of my bed until 1:30. Had a smoke and wondered down to the Clinton Street Bakery for Brunch. People of NYC, if you haven't tried the brunch at Clinton Street Bakery yet, you must. Now. Yesterday. ASAP. Skip work and go eat there tomorrow. Just go. Anyway, I went alone cause the hangover rendered me retarded. I think I'm going deaf cause my friend said that he spent about 2 or 3 minutes saying my name before i turned around. Must keep my hearing. Music too pretty.

The thing i love about nyc is that you can just wonder around alone and find something fun to do. So I did just that. Found Vicki at a park. Decided that i'd walk over to fez to see if i could make a reservation for the Sarah Silverman show (it was sold out when i got there), ran into Hal who was waiting for Jason and invited me to join them. I went off to walk around st. marks, bought some clothes, found out the show was sold out, found hal and jason. Joined them for a bit. Walked towards my house and ran into a couple more people i know. Then went over to Pianos to see Dennis Cahlo perform.

Dennis is getting fucking awesome.

I liked his stuff loads when it was just him and the acoustic guitar, but last night was my first time seeing him with a guitar player and totally electricized. Great lighting, great sound... and best of all, fantastic lyrics.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: I love this city.

And now for some slightly random links.

Remember SQUIRT TV on MTV? Well, Jake Fogelnest (or Mr. Squirt as he asks his friends to call him) promises that something is coming.

Don't miss THE FACE magazine? Maybe this cover and photographs of Wino Forever will help you.

Franz Ferdinand edited the Guardian and put in a gash and a penis.

Is Thom Yorke standing on a box in this photo or is it a matter of depth perception? You decide. You can get the poster of that image at WASTE headquarters.

Wanna go to NYU? Prepare to homeless by reading this dude's blog.

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