Friday, September 17, 2004


First off, thanks to everyone who posted in the below post. Basically the reason I asked is because I felt like my blog was really going off course -- it became less of what it was originally supposed to be, which is a diary of my drinking escapades originally intended for my family/friends, and more of a "here's some interesting news...". Which isn't bad. But i was doing that because that's what i figured people wanted to read. The only comment I'm gonna comment on is the one where someone said i don't support female bands enough... I post quite often about Giant Drag, The Oohlas, and The YYYs. I don't typically like female singers, so that might be why my femme pickings are slim.

I'm gonna give a lovely recap of my Rosh Hashanna aka "The day Jews eat from the moment they leave Shul until they pass out from a food coma." But I'm working on some stuff at work and I'm really feeling sick, so I gotta just concentrate at one thing ... or at least try to. You can look at some photos from MisShapes when Jarvis Cocker DJed with Audrey, Kat, Irilijana, and the Tarts of Pleasure.

I'm DJing at Red&Black on saturday, solo, and as TARTS OF PLEASURE on Monday at Eleven from 10-12 for Audrey's party. Please come.

Anyway, here's an IM i had with Mr. Thighs:

ThighDaddy: where's u get yer name?
Ultragrrrl: it's a story right up your alley!
ThighDaddy: i love alleys
ThighDaddy: kate &
Ultragrrrl: hahaah
Ultragrrrl: when i was 16 or 17 my brother worked at this company, and his boss was thinking of investing in this product called UltraFemme. it's like a diaphram for women to wear when they have their period.
Ultragrrrl: before investing in it, my brother asked if i'd give my opinion on it. i tried it out. hated it, and told him to tell his boss not to invest. his boss didnt' listen and it was a failure.
ThighDaddy: LO_IK$RBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@~$%#
Ultragrrrl: and so when i needed to get an email address for AOL, i told my brother that i wanted something that ended in grrrl
Ultragrrrl: cause i saw a photo of frances bean cobain where kurt wrote on her belly "diet grrrl"
Ultragrrrl: so i wanted to be moongrrrl (after a hair dye i used called moon something)
Ultragrrrl: but my brother decided to call me ultragrrrl insteadd.
Ultragrrrl: and that's where i got the name. i was named after a feminine product.
ThighDaddy: amazing
ThighDaddy: have u ever posted it?
ThighDaddy: i mean, that story?
Ultragrrrl: no. not yet.
ThighDaddy: i lovessssssss it


justin said...

A big plot twist in your "True Hollywood Story" is now in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

everyone at MisShapes looks like they need to be fed.....

punkermint said...

I hardly ever listened to female singers until I discovered PJ Harvey. She's amazing! Check her out and you'll change your mind...

Anonymous said...

i agree with whoever wrote about people at misshapes being so skinny. i mean, i thought starvin' marvin was supposed to look funny. HOWEVER, that one dj "loveleigh" is fucking ridiculously hot. what's up with that? how come she's not plastered all over bilboards and shit modeling guess jeans or something? she's the cutest thing i've ever seen. s.t.

Anonymous said...

I'm just jealous because Ultragrrl got to be at a party with Le Tigre, and since she doesn't like female artists as much as male artists (or at least doesn't write about them as much), she might not appreciate the awesomeness of this. It is a matter of taste, and I have heard the lukewarm-on-female-singers complaint from other young women with usual good discretion.

I was also the person who went off on the one who called Ultragrrrl "fat" about several postings ago. It seems like anyone who weighs more than 90 pounds at Misshapes is considered "fat." But that is problem is not restricted to Misshapes or even New York. There are plenty of equivalents in Philadelphia that are Emaciated Conventions.

Sara/Raised By Bees

Anonymous said...

Leigh was in Vice. its no Guess ad and she's just sitting on a drunk guy, not modeling. She was also in that sex advice from DJ's thing where she is hiding her bare boobs with a record. Its pretty hot. has tons of cute photos of her.

She's also a pretty nice girl when she isn't busy running around trying to keep people from pooping in the corner and having anal sex on the dancefloor at misshapes.

Anonymous said...

I too usually dislike female singers, but Morningwood is my exception. They need more coverage.

Anonymous said...

l'shana tovah to all.
re: rosh hashana --


nice story, though.


Jason Mulgrew said...

For my money, when you say "female singer", I think of one person and one person only: Miss Diana Ross.

What a treasure. What a fucking treasure.

Jason Mulgrew
Internet Quasi-Celebrity

Raised By Bees said...

It's funny, I tend to dislike a lot of male singers, but that's the fault of Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews, who have ruined a generation of male singers, which is why the gnu wave of Franz Ferdinand and all is getting it right for once. I like girls with tomboy voices like Eleanor in Fiery Furnaces. My favorite male voice is the dude in the Electric Eels (if you don't know them, look 'em up, young bloggers). I like weird, flamboyant, nyah-nyah voices. I think the thing is with Ultragrrrl, is that she wants good music played by someone that she'd want to make out with, and that's pretty much a rock and roll tradition. You can't fault her for it. We all do it to a point. Part of rock and roll is sex (or the promise of it) and fantasy and all. So if she's primarily into dudes, she's going to like cute boy singers, right? I mean, Jonathan Richman in my opinion has one of the sexiest voices ever, and then take a look at the cover of the first Modern Lovers album, and meow!! But at the same time, if I hear "Deceptacon" from Le Tigre or any X Ray Spex song I wanna go out and take over the world.

Anonymous said...

Don't support female bands? I thought ya did pretty well!

And hey! Motopsychos, Devil Kit, and Broadzilla at CBGB on Oct. 22nd!

—Kenn @