Sunday, May 15, 2005


SNL just ended and holyshit, it was so funny that my new roommate Gurj had to run out of the room cause she was about to piss her pants.

There were two things in particular that had me in hysterics:

1. The skit with the artsy-fartsy Nuni & Nuni & Nuni. Will Farrell's character Nuni had the same hair as my friend Jordan Silver. When he came onto the screen I bursted out in laughs and screams. I couldn't believe the uncanny resemblance:

This is Jordan

This is Will Farrell playing Nuni.

2. While watching the Queens of the Stone Age's performance, Gurj and I were discussing how Josh Homme is a very cute redhead when all of a sudden on the screen pops up Will's "More Cowbell" character. This is when I had to cross my legs so I wouldn't piss. I'm not sure there's been an all around funnier SNL ever. It was like watching the Best of Will Farrell DVD but with new versions of my favorite skits. This is exactly what should've been done, and I'm glad that the fine folks at SNL recognized this.

This is Will Farrell giving up more cowbell.

Finally, The Tarts of Pleasure will be joining forces with the two girls who inpsired us to be a duo in the first place, The Queen of Noize (check out their photos, these girls are absolutely gorgeous), for a night of debauched entertainment. Not only will the two duos be DJing, but also joining us will be DJ WizKid Ryan Gentles as well as performances by The Witnesses, Johnny Lives! and some very special surprise band. Your guess as to who that band will be is as good as mine... NME and MTV2UK will be on hand, and apparently, whomever dresses like a pirate will get a drink ticket.

You can see the flyer RIGHT HERE

and CLICK HERE to hear the Queens of Noize's song "Indie Boys (Don't Deserve It)".

You can rest assured that there probably wont ever be a Tarts of Pleasure single since neither one of us can actually sing. But if we did record something, I'd want it to rip off Primal Scream's "Some Velvet Morning (featuring Kate Moss)" completely. Protools, here we come!

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