Wednesday, August 3, 2005


If I had guilty pleasures, The-N would be my number one source for it. Between "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and "Instant Star" and the creators/producers/writers affinity to naming the episodes after songs, I am so stoked every friday night. Karen can't get me out of the house and to Orchard bar until I've watched both shows (which are tivoed cause i'm usually eating shabbat dinner with my family while it's on).

I love "Instant Star." It's all sugar. The characters are hilarious, but relatable in a sort of Nickelodeon version of "My So-Called Life." And the main character's love instest, Shay, is too much for my eyes when he comes on screen. He's gorgeous.

Now that I work in the same building at The-N i want to sneak onto their floor and try to steal whatever shwag i can find.

Listen to "Waste My Time".

Also, in one of the episodes, Jude's best friend whose name i cant remember, said to this former boy band guy "While you were on stage shaking your ass, jude and i were locked up in our rooms listening to sonic youth and writing songs that could change the world."

Whenever someone posts on here that i'm "destroying music" i recall that line from that episode and think "what a bunch of fucking douchebags."

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