Friday, August 12, 2005


I've fallen in love. In love with a song. We're going to live a morose life together in the English countryside and make little babies who are as sad as the gray skies above their heads. Ahh… the Editors' "Munich". We will live a happy life together… or at least a happy month together before I find something else to obsess over.

Speaking of obsessions… sick obsessions... I'm still obsessed with the Nightmare of You album. Since the single is sold out on my end, I don't think the band will mind too much if I post the A-Side, "My Name is Trouble." The song is a hit if I ever heard one. Fuck it being a hit, the song is FUCKING GREAT. And if any of the b-sides wind up on the web, I wont be bummed cause they're so good. I want them to be heard by all!

Nightmare of You – "My Name is Trouble"

If you come to the Orchard Bar tonight for Stolen Transmission, you'll hear that song…download it so you can sing along with me and Karen.
(Orchard bar is on 200 Orchard street (corner of Houston) in the Lower East Side … Karen and I DJ from 1-4am).

I have no energy to write about the bands I saw this week, but I'll tell you that the highlights were:
Five O'Clock Heroes
Army of Me (holy shit)
MC Chris

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