Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Monday night I was hanging at home with Brandon watching TV when Alex texted me to let me know that Neil Diamond would be on the Tonight Show that evening. Alex knows how much I LOVE Neil Diamond, so naturally, he knew to alert me. We changed channels immediately to NBC and i pressed record on my Divo.

Finally, he appeared performing the straight up folky "Delierious Love" with Brian Wilson singing back up. I got choked up. His voice booming and his swagger still intact.

I went with Jordan to Virgin Magastore on Tuesday to pick up the album (and about 10 other cds) and they played one of the new songs from the album over the PA. I nearly started crying. I told Brandon that Rick Rubin produced the album (you can hear it on myspace) and knowing that Jason Lader, the man who produced the Nightmare of You album, works with Rick on basically everything, he texted Jason to ask him about it. Jason suggested we listen to "Evermore." When I did I realized it was the same song they played at Virgin

There's a bit in the song that goes:
Do I Know You
Did I Ever
Thought I Did
Now I Know Better
Saw the Signs, But Not the Danger
How'd You Get to be a Stranger
At My Door

He sings about love in ways that shock and touch me.

You can hear "Evermore" for yourself by Clicking Here.

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