Monday, November 14, 2005


I don't remember much of Saturday night post 2am... or pre-2am. I forgot to eat dinner that night and had a bit too much to drink and the next thing I knew I was sort of stumbling around and attempting inappropriate things. Two friends brought me home. I passed out on the couch and one of them dutifully took off my boots, picked me up, and tucked me in. I woke up at 10am in a panic. How did i get here? Did i bring home my purse and other valuables? As I stumbled across my room still drunk (4 drinks?!?!? seriously, did someone roofie me?), i found that my friends managed to bring home the things I needed. I love my friends. They're so good to me.

Anyway, the night consisted of going to Bauhaus with Lawrence and then DJing Misshapes with Josh and Joel.

Click on the links to see photos.... like this one of me and my surrogate brothers:

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