Tuesday, February 28, 2006


OK, i just uploaded photos from the last Stolen Transmission. They're basically JUST from the DJ booth since I cant really move around places while I'm DJing.

So check it out... This thursday is the first night that we're doing Stolen Transmission at the Annex. No more Orchard bar... we loved the venue, but we needed a bigger place and somewhere that we could have live bands play! That's what we're doing this thursday! Yay! And we're also hosting Matt Rubano's birthday party. You might know him from his band Like Yesterday, or Taking Back Sunday... either way, i've got a very good feel about this.

OK, so for those of you who come to ST, thursdays at the Annex from now on, bring a camera. take photos. and you'll be able to submit them to the stolen transmission website (once it's up at the end of this week) photo gallery! fun times.

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