Thursday, February 2, 2006


A couple months ago, the Tarts of Pleasure's favorite groupie, Nick Manske, came out of hiding to say hi to us at the Orchard bar. He used to come out to whatever we were DJing, anytime we were DJing, and then suddenly he disappeared. This is how stoked we were when we saw him:

I just found out that Gideon's pot smoking neighbor is someone i used to work with. Small world.

I got the new Placebo album the other day. I fucking love that band so much, and their new album is sexy x10.

"Meds" (featuring VV from the Kills)

I give good interview.

Goo?(thanks gideon)

Brokeback to the Future

Christina Milian just walked by me. I love sharing a space with Def Jam. Should I have told her i loved the say she looked covered in paint and writhing on the floor?

Please vote for Nightmare of You.
Speaking of... The boys came home last night! Lisa, if you're reading this... we started watching the "Lost" DVDs. Sorry I couldn't wait, I'll lend them to you.

Hasselhoff is "Hooked on a Feeling" (thanks resta)

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