Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Nightmare of You are on tour down south with She Wants Revenge and I just got an idea that stokes me the fuck out...

Fucking, Nightmare of You should cover Placebo's motherfucking "Spite & Malice" since Justin Warfield of SWR is the dude rapping on the Placebo track (from the black market music album).

when i first got that album i listened to that song about 302 times in a row and learned how to do the rap and i was stoked beyond belief to find out that the dude from she wants revenge is the dude that was the rapper in that song. after that placebo album came out, justin's rap thing called Tape was shopping their works to labels and i was soooo bummed that i missed their showcase at cbgbs... and holy shit, i can't believe that i actually remember all that information.

i'm gonna post a sxsw update shortly. it's not gonna be that impressive since i caught a stomach virus and was bedridden for a couple of days. the experience confirmed my beliefs that my boyfriend is fucking awesome and made the most amazing nurse a puking girl could ask for.

not to mention the best interns, the best roommates, the best dudes working with me. yay!

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