Monday, October 8, 2007


On my sidekick newsroom, i've subscribed to the following RSS feeds:
Yahoo!Science News (though, i might unsubscribe to that since it only give 2 sentences and that's it! i cant even click on a link to go to a story!)

BoingBoing is amazing. it's so random and ridiculous and right up my alley. It was via Boingx2 that i found out about LOLBible. Oh wonderful world! I can now has genessus?

Genesis 18
From LOLCat Bible Translation Project
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1 Noaw Abraham waz chillin and TEH D00D waz liek "Oh Hai"

2 But wen Abraham waz 2 liek "Oh hai" ther waz 3 doodz and he waz leik "WTF" n he pwned hisself

3 He sed "D00d, Srsly, hang out

4 You can has water and rest

5 And you can haz cheezburgr." And 3 doodz sed "thas coo"

6 K so Abraham went to Sarah and waz liek "Maek som cookies!"

7 And he went to hiz cows and made teh best one teh ded 4 to eat

8 And he sed to 3 doodz "here, you can has"

9 N tehy wer liek "Wher ur woman?" And Abraham sed "ovar ther"

10 N sed "Srsly, when we com bak she gonna be teh preggers" Adn Sarah herd this

11 BTW: Abraham n Sarah wer teh OLD, Srsly, and Sarah waz to old 4 teh babyz

12 And Sarah LOLed and waz liek "WTF!? NO WAI! WE R TEH OLD!!11 LOL"

13 And TEH D00D sed 2 Abraham "WTF, Y she LOLed?

14 Nothin iz inposbell 4 TEH D00D, srsly, she gon be teh preggers!"

15 And Sarah waz liek "I no LOLed" Ann he waz liek "yea u did"


Gurj said...

OH MY GOD did this website just fall out of jenny penny's brain or what?! when i read it all i hear is her voice in mah head

gojiberries said...

Whats with this? let me try this site you mentioned!