Wednesday, December 8, 2010


  • Despite Julian Assange of Wikileaks being in prison for crimes that he may or may not have committed, the Wikileaks continue to flow. In today's edition of How the World Burns, we find out about a Saudi Prince and his Halloween party packed with Moonshine and hookers. Meanwhile, the Anonymous group has managed to bring down the Mastercard website and others that cut off Assange from his resources. Also, Australia is totally blaming the US for their golden child. Meanwhile, Joe Lieberman needs to chill.
  • Chile is going to have to answer a few questions: a fire at a Chilean prison killed 81 inmates and apparently the prison guards locked down the facility making it hard for firefighters to reach the source of the blaze.
  • A new species of stork has been found on Hobbit island in Indonesia. Giant birds and Tiny People... this sounds like the making of a sitcom if you ask me.
  • Obama held onto Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. Obama is claiming its to keep things moving along so the economy doesn't get effed. The Democrats are like WTF?!?! And Jim Hensen's Muppet factory have halted production of the Obama character since he's already a puppet.
  • Speaking of Bush-era garbage: Cheney is in hot water with the Nigers.
  • Scientists have identified an altered gene that can cause gender misidentification. I don't mean like, girls who wanna be boys or vice versa... I mean, girls with clits that look like dicks.
  • China's buddies wont attend the Nobel Prize ceremony since an imprisoned Chinese citizen is a winner.
  • A teen suicide bomber kills nearly 20 in Pakistan.
  • An advisor to the Chinese Central Bank says that the US economy is in the shitter - even worse than Europe's - but nobody will notice for another year. If you're into currency trading, buy the dollar now, sell in 3 months. Then buy the euro. I could be wrong, but that seems right. Jim Rogers says that the Fed is really really really understating inflation.
  • Remember Haiti? Their capital is up in a blaze due to riots over the Presidential elections. I hate to say it, but they're kind of fucked right now, aren't they?
  • A Japanese space craft failed to get into Venus' orbit and may have flown past the planet. Get it together, Japanese scientists.

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