Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I went to see My Chemical Romance last week at Roseland -- one of the best shows I've ever seen -- and the band played a song that I totally thought was Glasvegas and even tweeted that they were covering a Glasvegas song.

It was this one, which i can't embed, boo, but i'm purposely using a live version of the song because the recorded version doesn't have that Glaswegian vibe:

Does it sound like Glasvegas? If so, which one? I can't put my finger on it. Or is it the Temper Trap?

Either way, i'm not hating. I love that they're pulling that sort of influence! LOVE IT.


Unknown said...

It def has a temper trap vibe that i heard immediately...would be cool if they had a take on glasvegas though

Unknown said...

same producer as glasvegas.

it does have a bit of the epic sound of glasvegas...daddy's gone vs. geraldine

sarahcat said...

Every time I heard Kids From Yesterday I'd spend forever trying to figure out what song it sounded like until I had the Geraldine epiphany. I've been making everyone listen to both so I can prove my point since.

Laura said...

Sorry for the out of date comment, but I just discovered this page on your blog and saw this. This was my fifth MCR show, and in my opinion it was the best.
Question: did you take that picture? I was right at the barrier and that is almost where I had been squished.

fish said...

I was at this show, standing in basically the same spot... weird