Thursday, July 1, 2004


Thanks everyone for their adorable pet photos! My God, you people have cute animals! One person even sent me a photo of a baby dear, which is also known as a fawn. I was fawning over it. badumpbump.

Anyway, because i love the killers so much... and i swear, this isn't a killers fansite, but i'm posting this since people get upset when i dont update on all things killers, i just got this email:

Hey Everyone,

The Killers are performing on Pepsi Smash tonight, July 1st on the WB at 8:00pm (EST & PST)... During the show, VOTE for the killers when they "Smash Off" against Los Lonely Boys... The winner gets to play another song, so make sure you vote between 8 and 9pm at Also featured on the show this evening: Kanye West and 311, so check it out.


missmisery2 said...

JUST AN FYI....Rugby (the 4th of July dog) is available for adoption in the Kansas City area. You can see his handsome face on You can also go there to find lots of other awesome dogs & cats at shelters in your area that need loving homes.

Anonymous said...

to the above post. that's how i got my dog...on! great website

Anonymous said...

Hey Ultra, do you have the new Interpol yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm so glad you're back. I saw the Killers last night on Pepsi Smash, they were so good, and the singer is soooo hot! Keane played too, there cd is great, I highly recommend it! Anyway the show will be on again on Sunday at 5:00 pm if anyone missed it.

jeddeth said...

I am so sad that they lost the smash up (or whatever it was). I voted as many times as my little modem would let me.

By the way... Jenny is about a girl that is dead? I never thought of it that way. I guess it makes sense but it is so grim.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody else OBSESSED with #5 on Hot Fuss...I become spastic everytime I hear it. I can't help it...I swear.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody else OBSESSED with #5 on Hot Fuss...I become spastic everytime I hear it. I can't help it...I swear.

Stella Atkinson said...

Yea track #5 is awesome. I repeat it like 3 times before I move on.

Anonymous said...

Greeting from Vegas- Just to let you know, the Killers "won" out here in the West and played "Jenny..." It was awesome.

I'm gonna rip the video and post it sometime, so check the Killers message board if you want to watch


Anonymous said...

They just showed The Killers as the winners on the rerun. Thanks for posting the time Jaclyn....I would have missed it.


Raised By Bees said...

I finally heard The Killers at work today and I really don't hear the overwhelming comparisons to Duran Duran. Look, I went through puberty to Duran Duran, I should know. They are very '80s and British, but their influences are not that obvious.

As for the comments section, people tend to write dickhead anonymous comments because you are a high-profile person (as a SPIN staffer and gal about town in NYC), and therefore more "deserving" of scrutiny.

Your blog fascinates me because the world it represents is about as foreign to me as your buddy's dispatch from Israel. I'm not saying that to be a dick. I really am just curious.

Sara in Philadelphia