Thursday, January 27, 2005


If you're in NYC i would like to suggest you go see ManMan tonight at Mercury lounge at 10. They're gonna be the next Arcade Fire ... they don't have songs as good as AF, but the show will be one of those things that you'll be stoked you caught. They're like crazy pirates.

Also, go see Brian Montouri's art show at Niagra tonight. He once made me a portrait of Neil Diamond using his pubic hair for my birthday. You know that's true friendship, right?

Um, anyway, i'm having a birthday party cause i'm aging

The party is on February 3 (my real 25th birthday!) at Happy Endings in chinatown (broome and forsythe) for the goth party called VISIONS OF THE IMPENDING APOCAPLYPSE (please).

I guess you should get there around 10 or 11pm.

The Vicar and I will be DJing together as the Goth Twins or Ultragoths or Ultragoth & Captian Crucifix or something totally fucking gay like that. I will be DJing nothing but Muse and Placebo, Josh will be playing other shit. Also DJing will be Carlos D from that band Interpol that I kinda like a lot. There will also be free Sparks.

Last year, the amazing Brian Battjer let me have a birthday party in his loft in chinatown with my friends Laura and Dan. We toyed with the idea of topping this party (i wanted to rent a bus and drive everyone to my parent's house or to the mall in NJ), but that is simply impossible. So this year it's low key. Just show up in ALL WHITE. and if you cant do ALL white, then dont do half white cause that's just gross. Do ALL black with accents of blood.

and if you, like josh, didn't know me last year and dont know how awesome my last party was, here:

pretend that this year will be just as fun. it wont be. but pretending is nice.

last year someone brought me a bottle of liquid vicodin. that's the sort of birthday gift that i'm into. Josh doesn't do that shit so he's bringing Willy Wonka candy for everyone -- i shit you not. If I invite my aunt Brenda she can break the candies for you so you dont choke like she did for everyone at my birthday party 20 years ago.


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