Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Last night I hopped on the subway and met up with Gideon at his apartment. When I started going through the hallways I got all stoked because the smell of weed was overwhelming and I thought "ooooooh! surely he's got some!" As some of you might know, Cartoon, the weed delivery service of NYC, was shut down a couple months ago leaving many new yorkers to not be stoned so often. Many new yorkers like myself who don't get call backs from (DELIVERY SERVICE NAME REMOVED) when I try calling them. Which made my brother lawrence very happy considering the numerous phone calls he made saying "i'm putting you in rehab! your kids will be born with webbed feet!" Now he calls saying "NO NON JEWISH BABIES!" ... now that he knows i can't get any herb.

Much to my dismay, Gideon wasn't ripping a massive bong hit. His neighbors were. I was tempted to knock on their door and be like "yo, hook a sister up."

I didn't.

So Gid took me to sushi dinner and then we went to our friend Ariel's birthday at Black and White and then i went down to Sin-e cause i forgot that my friend Max's band, the Actual, was playing. Well, apparently I forgot that they weren't playing at Sin-e, but at FatBaby, and missed them anyway. So I went home and dyed my hair black with gurj. Now i'm gothier than before. I'm gonna cut myself while listening to My Chemical Romance while hanging out with Mikey Way.... for added effect.

When Gurj and stepped out of the shower I played her the Rhianna song that I wouldnt shut the fuck up about. Go to her blog and listen to it.

It's at Orchard Bar.
11 - 4 am.

Since Orchard bar is so crowded these days, it's gonna be guestlist only, SO PLEASE email me if you want to come. I want to make sure my buddies can get in, i dont mean to be a total dick asshole about it. It just sucks when I have to text gurj to leave the coat check so she can go outside and get Brandon (of all people!) into orchard bar.


come to the darkroom tonight!!!
it's where all the emo superstars go on a tuesday night. i shit you not.

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