Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is what will happen in a 24 hour span of my life, starting from last night at 10pm.

- 10pm - Sat at the Shed studio where the Oohlas record was getting mixed and listend to 11 of 12 finished songs. Blew my mind. This record is seriously on another level, I can't even begin to explain how amazing it is. I actually said "this record is going to make people eat their own cum." Yeah... classy. But in all seriousness, I had an idea that this record was going to be amazing, but I had NO idea it was going to be this intensely incredible. Plus, this is my first ever completed record (save for the mastering part). Next up is Bright Light Fever, which will fucking flip me out as well. Anyway, i'm really proud.

- 11:30pm - went home to get dressed and pick up my music for djing at misshapes.

- 1am - Arrive at Misshapes. Say hi to some people before getting my shit set up to DJ. Get told by Leigh "Axl Rose is coming here. He's going to be sitting over there. PLAY ALL THE HITS."

- 1:30am - I'm busting out my greatest hits collection and decide to throw in some George Michael's "Freedom 90." I turn to my left and see Axl on his feet singing along at the top of his lungs. Sean Dak comes over and points out Axl as well. Me, him, and Jackson kinda freak out.

- 1:50am - DJ Jess, the next DJ, comes up to me and says that he heard that Axl is digging my set. My mind is blown.

- 2:15am - Jump into a cab and head back to the studio to hear the final mix of "The Rapid." I'm greeted at the elevator by Greg Oohlas who rushes me to the mixing board to listen as it's printing. Perfect timing. I lay my head at the deck and start tearing.

- 3am - Head back to the apt with the oohlas and gurjy wurgy. Sorta freak out over the recrod. Go right to sleep cause i'm so drizzunk.

- 11:30am - wake up and take a shower. order breakfast. Spend some QT with the Oohlas before they leave.

- 2pm - Brandon arrives back home. I run downstairs to help him bring his luggage up to our apt. When we get back to the elevator on our floor, the Oohlas are standing there to greet Brandon, say good bye to us, and fly home.

- 3pm - Brandon and I play with Bella, the cat for a few hours and eat lunch.

- later tonight - we're going to Sin-e To see a secret BRAND NEW SHOW!!!! I'm so excited, I can't even tell you.

OK, more to come later. I'm stoked on life right now, you have no idea.

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