Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Go to the Stolen Transmission website to hear the Oohlas newest song and a video that they made for it using footage from their trip to New York. The song is called "Tripped" and it's one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Before you sue me for hyperbole, you need to hear the song, and then you'll be like "you know, sarah, you're right."

OK, so possibly one of the best stories i'll ever tell (which is remarkable, cause i'm known in most circles as one of America's worst story tellers):

I took monday off after working 8 consecutive days from the morning til 2am every day mixing the oohlas record. So for brunch I went with Brandon to La Palapa (you must, must, must try their Huevos Rancheros Verdes asap), and then we went to St. Marks cause for whatever reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to get my nose pierced.

So we're walking home and crossing Houston when a car cuts us off and honks at us. So naturally, Brandon gave the driver the finger and the car pulled aside. I look inside and then realize that my mom was the one driving! I had no clue that Brandon gave her the finger so I turn to him and go "OH MY GOD! IT'S MY MOM! This is perfect! Now you can finally meet her!" So we walk over to the car, my mom rolls down the window and says to Brandon "I saw what you did!" in a playful voice. He basically throws himself into the car through the window to give her a hug and apologize. I turn to him and say "huh? what did you do?" he explained and i doubled over laughing. Meanwhile, my mom really didn't care at all. She was more concerned about my nose ring, which she hated. "You're not 17 or 18! that looks ridiculous! take it out!" I was too busy laughing at Brandon to care what she thought. What's amazing is that he'd been so concerned about meeting my mom and making the perfect first impression, and this was it. She said "this is the perfect way to meet. no set up. totally natural."

Well, at least she thought he was cute.

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