Monday, October 30, 2006


My buddy Marc wrote a book about a band that kinda gets rediscovered by a blogger that is based on me, which was very flattering for me. Anyway, in the book, my character flips out over a band's song "Lets Go Steady Debbie" and they become an overnight success. As part of a contest, bands were asked to submit a song... and the winner is playing the Productshop Showcase with the Horrors! should be fucking fun.

We have a winner- Three Rivers Press announces rock band winner in novel contest!

Veteran rock writer Marc Spitz moved readers with his fictional band, the Jane Ashers, in TOO MUCH, TOO LATE (Three Rivers Press, $14.00 paperback), and now New York band ECHO STATION has brought them to life with their contest-winning adaptation of the hit song Let's Go Steady, Debbie, described in the book. This one-of-a-kind contest has won the band a showcase performing slot at Club Studio B next Friday November 3 and 1000 promotional copies of a CD single, sponsored by Productshop Records.

The band read the book carefully and wrote their own interpretation of the sensationally famous (yet fictional) song, standing out from the pack and impressing the celebrity judges and pop culture luminaries, including Marc Spitz, James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins), Andy Greenwald (SPIN, author of Nothing Feels Good, Miss Misery), Chuck Klosterman (SPIN, author of Killing Yourself to Live), Alan Light (former editor-in-chief of Vibe, Spin, and Tracks, author of The Skills to Pay the Bills ) Sia Michel (former SPIN magazine editor-in-chief), Jason Gordon (, Mary Huhn (New York Post) and Sarah "Ultragrrrl" Lewitinn.

In TOO MUCH, TOO LATE, the Jane Ashers, broken up for nearly 20 years, reunite for a casual garage session and, thanks to a precocious blogger, they make it big. Their runaway single, “Let’s Go Steady Debbie,” takes the world by storm and propels the rapidly aging Sandy Klein into the irresistible yet overwhelming spotlight of the global music scene. Are they too old to take it or can they pull it together and rock the world?

Here's the flyer and following the flyer is the set times:

>>>>>$10 COVER | 5:30PM DOORS

The Horrors---------------------12:30am
Ra-Ra Riot----------------------11:30pm
The Thermals------------------10:30pm
Sam Champion----------------9:30pm
Ferraby Lionheart-------------7:45pm
Brooklyn Playboys-----------7:00pm
Echo Station--------------------6:00pm

Betwenn Set Music Provided By Marc Spitz, DJ Del, 3xWes, & Late Night Special Guest DJ's

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