Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I was sitting in my livingrrom with Gurj and Brandon on Sunday when my uncle Felix called me from Miami where he was spending some time with my parents. He was calling to let me know that it was his grandson's birthday... his grandson is also named felix. He said the coversation went like this:
"What do you want for your birthday? Grandpa Felix will get it for you!"
"I don't want a gift from you, i want one from cousin Sarah."
"Sarah? Ondine's daughter? Why her?"
"Because she has $10 Million dollars and she can buy me whatever i want."

I hung up the phone after we laughed about it and relayed the story to Brandon and Gurj. Brandon's response was "Wow, you have a lot of people fooled into thinking you're rich. That's not the first time I've heard rumors of your wealth."

Rumors. I wish they were true.

I'm running late for the Hennessey thing at Capitale i posted about a few days ago. I dont want to miss Goldfrapp or the Strokes. I think I've seen Kanye live before, but i dont remember. I'm not the biggest live hip hop fan -- i think the only live hiphop show i like these days is Lady Sov since she's a midget and i can relate to that. She's also #1 on trl today, and i tried to get Rob to celebrate by offering to buy some champagne... no dice. Anyway, I'm not sure what Hennessey tastes like, but I bet it tastes great since all the rappers drink it and they apparently have enough money to afford Capitale and Kanye West AND the strokes.

By the way, i'm kind of obsessed with The Films. They're like the american Libertines, hopefully minus the brown. I love the Libertines... even to this day. i even have a libertines poster hanging up in my livingroom.

Last night i had night terrors and today i have bags under my eyes. I'm feeling super tired. I kept on dreaming that someone that wasnt brandon had come into my bed and decided to try to hold my hand, rest their head on my shoulder, etc. I remember throughout the night constantly throwing brandon's various limbs off my body. I remember yelling "get off!" but thinking it was this other person and not my boyfriend. I was too tired to get out of bed in my dream and too upset to do anything. When i finally got out of bed, in my dream, i was at a BBQ eating a burger (i am a fish eater -- a pescatarian), and freaked out that i was eating meat forgetting that burgers were made of beef. I then remember that someone's mom died and woke up hysterically crying and my pillow covered in tears. About 20 minutes later i woke up again in a panic yelling "get off!" as brandon's head was resting on my shoulder, bella the cat was balancing her self on my stomach and Monkey the dog was climbing up onto my chest.

I don't think I'll ever eat mangos before bed again.

Anyway, there's this band that I love called the Annuals that my friend Eric Speck signed to AceFu. I LOVE the annuals. All of us at ST offices are kind of obsessed with the band and kept on listening to the album. Live, they're like a mini-Polyphonic Spree... the singer is like 19 and a total gem.

Their album came out today and you can find it on iTunes and I couldn't recommend them anymore for people who like bands like the Spree or the Flaming Lips. They're playing this thursday with the Spinto band and Art Brut at Irving Plaza (warsaw tonight -- wednesday). GO GO GO TO THIS SHOW.

About a month ago the band was in town and stopped by my apartment for Casa De Ultragrrrl. Here's a performance of "Bleary Eyed," which is made 100x better thanks to Nick Snow laughing:

If there weren't so many psychos out there, i'd post about those on here inviting you all, but alas, there are nut jobs out there -- most of them post in the comments section of this blog. In a couple of weeks i'm gonna be having the Horrors come for a very special Live from the Casa De Ultragrrrl... which will require a lot of furniature to be moved out of the living room. Oh god, i hope they dont trash my apt.

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