Wednesday, October 11, 2006


First off:

I was watching TV last night with Brandon... probably the Flavor of Love since that's basically the only TV show i like watching that isn't LOST, and I saw a commercial for a movie I had no real intention of watching, Marie Antoinette. I was kinda half-assed watching it and was already giving it more attention than normal because I like seeing Kirsten Dunst in period clothing (not sweat pants and baggy shirts... the old time shit)... but the sound was on and half (to a whole bottle) of wine into my night+3:30am= a slightly reminiscent me... people, the song used for the commercial was New Order's "Ceremony"... CEREMONY! It worked perfectly. It wasn't corney or cheesey, and just made me feel like I was living in my own personal old times when all i cared about was dancing to Joy Division and New Order at 3 in the morning.

Watch the two versions i found on youtube:

There's also one with the Cure:

And i think this one is with M83, but i'm not sure:

So anyone watching TV right now probably knows that a plane or helicopter crashed into a building on the Upper East Side of NYC... I think it's a total accident, and just totally unfortunate. UNBELIEVABLY, FOX NEWS IS SAYING THAT THE PITCHER OF THE YANKEES COREY LYDELL, WAS PILOTING THE PLANE! While discussing this with my Buddy named Productshop, he sent me something he found on gothamist:
ProductShopNYC (4:17:52 PM): Via the Gothamist comment section: "10-11-06. Read that date upside down."......

wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

For those of you who dont know, there's a pretty big Hennessy event going on October 17 Capitale in NY with Kanye West, The Strokes and Goldfrapp headlining. Carl Cox will also be premiering a new track he made just for the event... a
The general public will be given a unique opportunity to attend the event through sweepstakes offered by Hennessy. For more information or how to get listed for the event visit


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