Thursday, May 11, 2006

Buy the New Young Love single!

That's right. It's for sale now. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?
You can be the proud owner of the first Young Love release EVER. You've heard me, my interns, and Gurj, talk endlessly about how fucking genius this dude is and now uh... you can find out for real.

Click the Button Above to purchase the Young Love single for $4
1. Tragedy
2. We Want Drugs
3. Find a New Way (demo)
The single's sleeve is covered in glow in the dark sand and mirrors. there's a little added surprise in the cd... it's a good time. And you can hear "Tragedy" and "Find a New Way" on Young Love's Myspace page.

ALSO: There will be a party celebrating the release of the single next Thursday, May 18 at the Annex (152 Orchard St. btw Stanton and Rivington). Young Love's singer, Dan Keyes, will be doing a DJ set. Rob Hitt from Midtown/iSurrender Records will be DJing as well. AND it will be Brandon Reilly's birthday celebash. He's turning 25. Wow!

THAT'S NOT ALL In the month of June at the Annex for Stolen Transmission, we're going live show crazy:
June 1 - Damone
June 8 - Young Love (live!)
June 15 - Young Love (live!)
June 22 - Young Love (live!)

Um, yeah, that's right. Young Love is doing a residency at Stolen Transmission! Gurj will be there with endless panties to throw at him. Be there to catch them before he does.

See you tonight at Gurj's birthday???

PS - Saints + Lovers' single for their Joy Division cover of "Atmosphere" will be on sale on monday. You know you're excited.

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