Tuesday, May 16, 2006


You don't even have to read Marc Spitz' amazing book Too Much Too Late to enter this contest, but, it wouldn't hurt since the book is truly fucking great.

Click the banner to find out how to enter the contest by writing the song that the fictionalized version of me falls in love with.

Also, on a totally different note -- can someone re-design my blog for me? I've been told that i'm missing out on this whole "putting ads on blogs" thing (i told the person "i had text link ads from adbrite once, but Evelyn Bateman said i was a sell out so i took them down") and now i'm ready to sell out/cash in... or whatever terms you people feel comfortable with. If you think i'm gonna change my content, you'll be happy to know that the content changes nearly daily! Uh...

I got the new Girls Gone Wild DVD (i get a new one in the mail every month... there's a collection that i just give away to ppl when they come over). ANYWAY... This one is about Sex Starved College Girls. They're girls! in college! and they're sex starved! Try to think of Larry David and Jeff Greene from Curb Your Enthusiasm getting excited about this, and maybe you'll find it funny. Anyway, it's sitting on my coffee table now, and I just thought I'd share that with you. Oh, an no, i don't plan on taking porn ads. Unless they pay well. Maybe hipster porn ads.

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