Thursday, May 4, 2006


no. you are.

OK, if you've ever seen the Tarts of Pleasure DJ, or wish you have... vote for us by clicking here.

There's a band playing annex tonight (may 4) for Stolen transmission. They have to be unannounced cause they're going on tour with AFI soon, and their name isn't Dillinger Escape Plan and the singer lives in my apt. They go on at 12:30. Free. 152 Orchard St (btw Stanton and Rivington).

Please add Leslie Simon to your myspace. She's an editor at Alternative Press and one of the coolest girls out there. She invented emo. true story. Then go see her DJ on saturday with a bunch of emo bands at misshapes. emo. emo. emo. Dudes from AFI, Thursday, Men Women and Children, and she told Gurj that she'd bring wiL Aiden.

What else is going on????

hmm... Young Love's single is going on sale soon. I wanna do a release party at Stolen Transmission since he is our number one fan. Yippee!

see you at bamboozle?

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